Wednesday, October 16, 2013

time for moms to get infront of the camera.

 this is my little family. the entire shoot is shot with a remote and a tripod. I recently read and article about how moms are always trying to get out of being in the photo due to their own vision of "how they look" I took a moment to go through the thousands of photos I have on my computer of my kids over the year. 90 percent of them are either just my kids, kids and other family members, or them and my husband. I am hardly in any of them. these are the photos that my kids will look back on to remember their childhood. the person who stayed home with them and did almost everything with them is nowhere to be seen. what is stopping me from being in my childrens memories? my own thoughts about my weight and how I look.. there I said it. I have gained almost 50 pounds since I was 19 and finding out I was pregnant with my son. something as silly as how I see myself is keeping me from making memories on camera with my children. well I quit! im done thinking about my body and how it looks in the mirror. my kids or husband has never said to me.. "eh I think your arms are too big in this one, better not frame it." or " yea you have a belly we probably should just put ones of just the kids on the Christmas card"

moms, its time to start getting in the photo! its time to let your kids see what the love for them looks like all around them in a big hug, or snuggled in bed for a story. if not for your kids memories to look back on, do it for yourself. I promise you, as a photographer, when you see a photo of you and your child just being happy and looking at each other with nothing but love you will not even notice the extra weight or grey hair.  all you will see is how much love you have created.

go on shutter moms and capture your love.

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