Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Dallmam Family!


so this family is full of troopers!
today was SO windy!!!
I woke up and thought that for sure i would get a reschedule call..
and let me tell you.. I'm oh so thankful..they turned out so good!
but don't just take my word for it.. take a gander!

and the next few i feel are just a fantastic summery of how the session really was.. fast and crazy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


this is my sister in law and the little man!
 i love taking his photos, he is such a happy boy.
i hope you love these like i do Bree. it was so nice to see you.
through the rain and wind..

this next one is one of my favorite shot i have ever taken. so much love.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



this little fella is a DOLL!!!
he was such a happy boy. i really enjoyed meeting this family. they were the ones that won my
"get to 50 likes on fb" free session winner
 after the first winner didnt clame it, i was asked to pick a new winner..
 so i did!!

anyway, they are a true delite, and i hope to share many more afternoons to come with them.. but really, who wouldn't..
did you see that smile?


these were just two of a full day of photos.. happy birthday mister owen. we all love you so much!!

the BEAUTIFUL little ryley!

taylor and kennedi

on this shoot we had no real plan. i just went picked them up and drove around. if we saw a place that might work we pulled over.. from the looks of it, it soooo worked. thank you girls for being such wonderful models!
so stunning.

cant believe she is already ten. how the time has flown by!

these are my husbands cousens. they are truly wonderful girls and i look forward to watching them grow even more beautiful.

Miss Cassidi Grace

i know she is not yet a senior but these are to good not to post. i dont have a freshmen year section so here is where they will go :)

 this is my baby sister Cassidi. i just recently met her for the first time(long story) but it seems like we have known each other for our entire lives. she really is the missing piece that I have been hoping for all of these years. if there is ever "a reason for everything: moment, this surly has to be one. ( thanks facebook) i love you seester, and i hope you know just how much you mean to me. you are a beautiful girl, i hope you never forget that.

For Melissa

I love this family to pieces. they are some of the most giving and caring people i have ever met. I am so thiankful that you guys have become our friends, as well as family. I hope you love these as much as i do.


This is our newest family member. this is Keenan's sister's new little man. he is their first child, and decided to come 7 weeks early! luckily after all the commotion and a few weeks in the nicu he is as happy and healthy as can be, and we coldn't be happier!

beautiful little man

he made quite the entrance into this world. we were all so happy to know that he and his beautiful mommy are healthy


i have known this little tiny's mother our entire lives. she is one of the strongest people i have ever known and for that I will always be in awe of her. I don't know where I would be without her. i really hope that she knows just how lovely she really is.

Braden was my first real newborn shoot. this was shot with my old little Kodak camera. but i really have to hand it to that little cam, it did its best!

Kierra Jo

i love this next one it makes my heart so happy to see what a beautiful woman she has become.

This is a girl i have know her whole entire life. it was such a blessing to do her senior pictures and i am so proud of all the things she has coming in her future.