Sunday, September 16, 2012

under construstion.

you know those people you can call randomly, out of the blue that you haven't talked to in months.. maybe  close to a year, and when they answer it's like you just talked to them yesterday? that is my steph. it doesnt matter how often or how little we talk we don't ever skip a beat.  i have known this girl since 6th grade. we have seriously been through everything together. she is honestly one person i know i will always have in my life. As these two move to the next chapter of their life, i could not be more honored, and lets face it CRAZY excited, to have the privilege to capture it.
Stephanie, you are an amazing woman, and Sam i hope you know just how lucky of a man you are. your little peanut is for sure going to be gorgeous, and i cant wait to meet him "it" . ;)

love ya!