Monday, April 23, 2012

Brandon and Krista

so this next family I'm going to be really honest, and i didn't think were going to use me again. the first time they asked me to take their photos was about a year ago. i was soooo excited. this was going to be my FIRST real session for anyone that wasn't family or a really close friend. i was so nervous and felt extremely unorganized, and after an hour of taking pictures and chasing kiddos, i drove away from that session feeling a little proud and a little but like i wasn't sure this was really going to work. the hobby that i love may not be good enough to make something out of. but at least i knew that i could walk away from that moment knowing i did try my best. fast forward a few months and i got their Christmas card in the mail, and every photo on it was the ones i took for them that previous summer. i still get goose bumps even now just typing it. it was my real ah ha moment ( thanks Oprah!) that i may be able to pull it off... that it may not just be all my "friends" that like my love, but strangers too.

so thank you Brandon and Krista for being the flame to my firework, because this is truly a wonderful burst of light you have given to me. and i couldn't have been more happy to capture such a wonderful and amazing time in your lives. i pray there are many more to come! <3

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